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Located in Croydon, we're a small, tight-knit team of artists with more than 30 years combined expierence in the industry. 

We're happy to work with you to realise the new tattoo you've always wanted - as we are a custom studio, our team of artists are happy to work with your ideas and design a piece just for you. We're also happy to help with cover ups, if you need. Wether large or small, we're glad to offer advice and help you acheive something you'll be happy with for the rest of your life.  

We also offer a variety of piercings, with a large selection of choices for jewellery and something for everyone's anatomy and budget. If you have an already healed piercing in need of an upgrade, we offer jewellery for purchase on its own. If you purchase jewellery in the studio we're happy to fit it for you for free.  If you know what you'd like, and what size you wear, we offer a selection of jewellery and aftercare in our online store for home delivery.

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We want you to have a safe, comfortable, and worry free experience in our stuido, and we are constantly working to better ourselves and continue to raise our standards. We never stop learning.

All of our employees are First Aid trained, and our certificates are available on the studio wall in case you'd like to inspect them. Our body piercer also undertakes yearly Blood Borne Pathogen training courses from the APP, yearly MASCED Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection courses, and attends the yearly UK APP conference to stay up to date on techniques and practices.

Our studio uses Scican StatIM and HydrIM technology, often used in dental and medical environments.
Most studios will reprocess non-disposable and non-single use items in an ultrasonic. While there's nothing wrong with this, we choose to raise our standards. We have invested in a Scican HydrIM instrument washer instead, which features a wash, disinfect, and dry cycle all in one piece of equipment, resulting in a far more thorough process, reduced risk of cross contamination, and a safer process for our employees. 

All studios use an autoclave to sterilise instruments and jewellery and make them safe for use, but not all autoclaves are the same. We use a Scican StatIM which has a processing time as fast as 8 minutes, allowing us to offer a wide variety of jewellery choices which can be quickly sterilised for clients.  
We also ensure this equipment undergoes regular maintenance, and yearly validation - once again certificates are displayed on the studio wall. 

We also use HEPA air filters in all treatment rooms to ensure the air is as clean as possible, and all treatment surfaces are easy to wipe down with biocides. 

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